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Sunset on Solar Panels

Residential incentives:

The Canada Greener Homes Grant
$5000 is available for energy efficiency upgrades!

The Greener Homes Loan offers up to $40,000 of 0% interest financing

Commercial systems will be able to obtain a 30% investment tax credit for investments into renewable energy and storage!




Specialist design that is unique to your property


Net Zero your residential, commercial or off grid property and save $$$


Off Grid or power outage preparedness



Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated

Energizing Bright Ideas



There's an old First Nations story that tells of a tribe that would visit the same stream every spring to rejuvenate after a long winter. One year the people became ill. After much thought, the elders concluded that it must be the water that's making people sick. A search party was sent UpStream to identify the source of the problem.

This story had us look UpStream to identify where our energy comes from, and inspired us to find a better solution.

Image by Chelsea


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